Building Our Future


For over 11 years Victorian Opera has resided at Horti Hall, a heritage building on Victoria Street, Melbourne. 

Over that time we’ve expanded from a couple of offices at Horti Hall to eventually take over the entire building. We also lease space in Trades Hall to accommodate our costume workroom and in Preston to store sets, props and costumes.

Whilst the venue and facilities have served us well, the building is now unable to support our growing needs. We are rehearsing two productions simultaneously on a more regular basis. This is impossible to do with only one rehearsal studio. Beautiful though Horti Hall is, its size makes rehearsing large-scale productions very difficult, as the hall is smaller than the Palais, State Theatre, and even Playhouse stages.

To accommodate our growing needs as we join the Australian Major Performing Arts Group (AMPAG) in 2019, Victorian Opera has secured a large warehouse in West Melbourne.

The new premises will see the entire company located under one roof for the first time, with dedicated areas for rehearsals, music coaching, costume and prop storage, performances and housing the administrative team.

You play an integral part

Help us build our future by making a contribution today.

Your donation will contribute to:

  • Studios - Fit out of two sound proof studios to be used for vocal coaching and intimate performances
  • Solar panels - Purchase and installation of solar panels to assist in reducing the cost of electricity
  • Artists’ Green Room – Dedicated area for artists both pre and post performances 

View artist's impressions of rehearsal and workspaces