Support our Young Artists

Help our young artists bridge the divide

Victorian Opera is proud to offer you the opportunity to support our new Youth Orchestra and Opera Project.

For the first time, we will bring together a talented group of young instrumentalists and singers, aged 15 – 25 years, to present a fully staged opera, Franz Schubert’s The Friends of Salamanca.

This specially designed program, which builds on our commitment to education, will provide concentrated training in orchestral accompanying with solo and vocal ensemble performance.

These promising and emerging performers will experience the benefits of engagement with the literature of opera and fine music.

Victorian Opera has received a generous gift from committed patron Professor Emeritus Barbara van Ernst AM to fund the Youth Orchestra with a gift of $10,000. Our goal is to raise a further $10,000 to help fund the project. Your support will help bring this inaugural project to fruition.

Donors of $500 or more will be invited to view the The Friends of Salamanca General Rehearsal to experience how your gift has helped our young artists to bridge the music, training and performance divide.

For more information please contact Louise O'Loughlin via or 0403 584 940 or Peter Garnick via or 0423 068 833.

Victorian Opera's Youth Orchestra

Victorian Opera’s Youth Orchestra will bring young instrumentalists together with young singers to present a fully staged opera, Franz Schubert’s The Friends of Salamanca.

Building upon our commitment to education, this specially curated vehicle for training in orchestral accompanying will inspire and engage the best emerging instrumental talents in a concentrated program of encounter, learning and performance.

Together they will experience the demands of ensemble playing and take away an enriched understanding and skill base, improved ensemble awareness and delight in the benefits of engagement with the literature of opera and fine music. Your support will help bring this inaugural project to fruition.

Victorian Opera's Youth Opera

The human voice and singing are the basis of all music and this program will offer the opportunity for young singers to form an Ensemble to present the fully staged opera in collaboration with their young colleagues in the Youth Orchestra.

This is a unique opportunity to be fully immersed in a structured training and development program over two weeks culminating in the performance of The Friends of Salamanca.

The young singers will undertake intensive vocal and musical training, stage craft and professional performance education, participate in physical movement instruction and develop specialist techniques and their German language skills.

Your support will help fund this training and development program.